Friday, April 19, 2013

Bathroom Products

How many of you feel that no matter how deeply or how frequently you clean your bathrooms, it seems like the soap scum, lime build up, rust and ring around the toilet continue to accumulate? And do you dread using those corrosive products because of that inevitable headache from an odor so potent that you know it has to also be causing some serious respiratory damage? Do you have to open the windows to aerate the room of noxious vapors? Do you have to use gloves, wear a mask, and quarantine the area you are cleaning so that your children and pets do not touch or walk or crawl on the surfaces where those chemicals have been used? And all the while, are you frustrated that the so called 'answer to your prayers' cleaing products don't do the job they claim they will do?

Norwex provides an array of amazing, chemical free products to meet all of your bathroom cleaning needs!

Norwex Blue Diamond is an all-in-one product that safely cleans toilets, sinks, tub basins, porcelain, glass, counter tops, floors and most other hard bathroom surfaces without corrosive fumes! Deep penetration allows for effective cleaning and descaling in one application.

If you suffer from hard water stains or calcium build up, you cannot afford to live without this product! The highly concentrated formula works wonders on those spots that you have long since given up on! Blue Diamond adds that extra 'oomph' for those really set in stains. Simply apply the solution, wipe clean with an Enviro Cloth, rinse and admire the sparkling clean surface!

Norwex Blue Diamond is effective for use on glass and tile, and is safe for septic systems. Blue Diamond is not recommended for natural stone surfaces. As with any product, test in an inconspicuous place, especially on metal surfaces, as the product may cause discoloration.

Blue Diamond's Key Ingredients:

Organic Salts: Replace strong corrosive acids traditionally found in cleaners. Help to remove calcium, lime and rust.

Citric Acid: Excellent chelating ingredient. By chelating the metals in water, it lets Blue Diamond produce foam and work better without adding water softening agents.

Surfactants: Lower surface tension of water, making water wetter. Help the product to spread better, cling vertically, and to better remove stains.

Blue Diamond's descaling ingredients work against rust, hard water salts and lime. The surfactants increase its cleaning power against substances like oil, grease and soap scum.
Norwex Descaler also removes hard water salts, rust and lime, and it is a better choice for large surfaces, such as the walls of your shower stall. Norwex Descaler is a spray, making it easier to cover large surfaces, while Norwex Blue Diamond is a gel, more effective for concentrated cleaning.

Norwex Cleaning Paste is a miracle worker for stainless steel, chrome and silver taps and handles, because it polishes as it cleans. This environmentally and skin friendly super paste, composed of marble-flour, natural soap and coconut oil, cleans, polishes and protects chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, porcelain and similar surfaces in one application.

I don't know how I ever got by without my cleaning paste!! It more than surprasses the performance of it's dangerous, chemical laden "competitors", like Comet. The paste has completely removed the elbow grease from my cleaning routine. With just a dab of the Norwex Cleaning Paste on a damp Enviro Cloth, I am armed with a cleaning and polishing machine that leaves my surfaces looking brand new! A little goes a LONG way, so your tub of Cleaning Paste will last a very long time!!

A damp Norwex Enviro Cloth is a fantastic tool to apply your Norwex Blue Diamond, Descaler or Cleaning Paste to surfaces like countertops and faucets, but for larger surface areas like glass shower doors or tile walls, the Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt is a miracle worker!

The Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt has quickly become one of my favorite Norwex products! The Bathroom Scrub Mitt combines a thick and plush Antibac Microfiber on one side and super strong scrub mesh on the other to deliver superior results on any surface that needs a little extra elbow grease. Long fibers and thick, absorbent construction makes cleaning your shower or tub a piece of cake!

The microfiber scrubbing mesh of the Bathroom Scrub Mitt removes stubborn dirt and grime and can be used with the Norwex Cleaning Paste, Norwex Descaler or all by itself. The large mitt design makes it perfect for anyone to use. Just insert your hand and wipe! No more holding a damp, dirty cloth and using harmful, noxious chemicals! A sponge liner adds extra absorbency and the handy hang loop provides convenient drying and storage.

After numerous attempts to remove the hard water stains and soap scum build up from her boyfriend's shower, my friend gave the Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt a try. She sent me the following testimonials and pictures of her experience:

"I've tried Kaboom and Scrubbing Bubbles with no luck... A 20 second scrub with my Norwex Shower Mitt and a little water... LIKE NEW!!"

"This spring cleaning task only took 5 minutes out of my day. Another 5 and it will be complete! I LOVE my Norwex shower mitt!!"
Not only did the Bathroom Scrub Mitt remove all of the soap scum in a matter of minutes, it did so without the use of any harmful chemicals! You just wet the scrubbing mitt with water and wipe away years of build up!

And last but not least, the porcelain throne...everyone's favorite item in the home to clean! Who doesn't love using a filthy, germ infested toilet scrubber and sloshing around chemical cleaners mixed with dirty toilet water? Big commercial companies would like us all to believe that a place so infested with filth can only be cleaned with a harsh, caustic, chemical cleaning product, but they are sorely wrong!

Norwex provides a safe and much more effective alternative! The Sanira Toilet Brush System is the truly the answer to my prayers...and yours!

The brush has a unique channelling system for the cleaner that does not contain any cavities where bacteria can grow. There are also no metal components, which prevents the brush from rusting and tarnishing.

The cleaning solution is vegetable based with coconut oil and a naturally occurring sugar surfactant. The smell is light and citrusy rather than the strong, chemical odor in other toxic cleaners. 
The disinfectant is biodegradable and breaks down within 48 hours, compared to 30 days for most other cleaners.
4) This brush system uses only 3-4 ml. of disinfecting solution, which is 10 times less than traditional toxic cleaners!

The Sanira System is really easy to use since everything you need is included. Just press the brush into the holder and count about 4 seconds to fill the brush with the disinfectant. Scrub it around the toilet and let the solution sit on the surface for 10 minutes before flushing away. Simply rinse the brush after each use and place into holder.

The Sanira solution can also be used as a household disinfectant and mildew remover! Just combine 1 part solution with 3 parts water in a spray bottle to use throughout the house!

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